Maintenance and support



We carry out refinement or modification of solutions in accordance with the new customer requirements for performance or functionality. Optimization of content, correction of formatting errors - will improve indexing of pages, increase the speed of their loading, improve positions in search results, increase traffic by at least 30% (usually 2 times).

Technical support

Maintenance of the Internet resource is required for server administration, implementation of improvements in the design, content, structure of the site and support for its continuous operation, provides protection against hacking and stable operation.

Update support

Updating the site is one of the most important tasks. Thanks to this, the number of targeted visitors interested in the products, services or other useful information presented on the website leads to increased sales. The need for updates may be associated with the emergence of new business tasks, a change in the company's positioning, access to a different level, etc. This type of support makes it easy to manage the release of releases and technical updates, ensuring the competitiveness of your solution.